Turbo-Charged Magento on AWS

MageCloudKit is the High Performance Stack for running Magento on AWS.
Designed from the ground up to give you and your customers a
world-class experience.

The Best of Both Worlds

Run the world's leading Ecommerce software using the global leader in cloud computing.

MageCloudKit is a ready made solution that allows you to deploy a scalable, high performance Magento store on the AWS cloud in minutes.

Empower your Developer Team

Our product is the result of years of experience scaling Magento and ecommerce systems in the cloud. It comes with the best practises baked right in saving your business valuable time and money.

Turbo-Charged Performance

Get ahead of your competitors. We have optimized Magento specifically for the AWS cloud. Ensure your customers have the best possible experience. In ecommerce every second counts.

Leverage your own AWS Account

Keep sensitive customer data where it belongs, securely within your own AWS account. Drastically reduce your monthly spend instead of paying an expensive managed hosting provider.

Built for the Cloud

With MageCloudKit the cloud was not an afterthought. We have designed our product from the ground up with the AWS best practices built right in. Your store automatically scales in response to customer demand and is resilient from all the common internet threats including DDoS attacks.

Our architecture is distributed by default with instances in multiple AWS availability zones ensuring it never goes down. The stack also employs multiple layers of caching and content acceleration to ensure your customers have a first class experience.

We take advantage of the latest AWS products including Amazon EC2 Container Service, Amazon Aurora for MySQL and Amazon Elastic File System for sharing media assets. It is easy to integrate third party vendors including Cloudflare, Loggly, Algolia and Nosto.

MageCloudKit Architecture
MageCloudKit Technology Stack

Optimized for Magento

MageCloudKit is built on top of a proven, modernized technology stack. We have chosen high performance components including PHP 7, Redis and Nginx. Then we've taken them to the next level by carefully tuning all of the configuration. The end result is a server response time that flies.

The Magento application itself runs inside of load balanced Docker containers ensuring frequent deployments are a cinch. Develop new features or integrate plugins locally and deploy them to the cloud with minimal effort required.

Customers can go one step further and effortlessly connect tools such as Datadog or Blackfire.io to monitor the overall health and performance of the store.

Deploy in Minutes

Our product is built on top of next generation DevOps tools including Hashicorp Terraform and Packer. There is no need to worry about complicated CloudFormation templates or SCM tools including Puppet and Chef. Our pre-built solution bootstraps the necessary resources on your AWS account then deploys a Magento store in minutes. All you need to do is install the required software on your machine.


Feature Comparison

Is MageCloudKit right for you?

MageCloudKit is best suited for companies or agencies with existing technical experience.

MageCloudKit Managed Cloud Hosting One-Click Installers
Automatic Updates
Highly Available
Zero Downtime Deployments
Leverage Your Existing Development Team
Easily manage multiple environments
Deploy in less than 5 minutes
Automated Backups
Access to Ops Code
Bastion SSH Access
Parity between Dev, Staging & Production
Transparent Pricing


MageCloudKit is open-source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.

MageCloudKit supports Magento 1.9 and 2.2.

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