Brightfame has open-sourced MageCloudKit for AWS

This year we’re open-sourcing MageCloudKit including 20 production-grade infrastructure modules for AWS. Previously, MageCloudKit was only available commercially through Brightfame. In 2019 we made the business decision to stop developing or supporting MageCloudKit and hence are open-sourcing the product to support our existing customer base and also leverage support from the community. We’d like to thank our existing customers for purchasing the product and the opportunity to work together.

What’s changing?

  • The MageCloudKit repository will move from brightfame/magecloudkit to magecloudkit/magecloudkit.
  • We will mark brightfame/magecloudkit as abandoned.
  • The product will be re-released under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Brightfame will no longer commercially support or develop MageCloudKit.
  • The documentation site will stay hosted at:

Why are you no longer supporting MageCloudKit?

As a business we have decided to focus on different areas and thus are no longer invested in the Magento community. It is still difficult to spin up a working MageCloudKit environment without a reasonable amount of experience both with Magento and Terraform and the effort required to be compatible with future Magento 2.x releases does not make sense for us.

Moving Forwards

The project now needs you. To file and triage issues, fix bugs and of course write new features. If your a commercial partner looking to support MageCloudKit installations then we’d love to talk. You can write me personally at rob at or open a GitHub issue. We’d like to thank all of our customers over the years for the opportunity to work together.